Friday, July 23, 2010

Publishers Need to Think Different

When thinking on how the book publishing industry seems to be marching down the same path that the music and video industry has in regards to digital media, it reminded me of an interview I had heard with author Seth Godin. Len Edgerly of the great podcasts and blogs The Kindle Chronicles and The Reading Edge interviewed Mr. Godin and got him to briefly discuss an entire new take on how the publishing industry should be responding to the new digital age. The interview was done in February of 2010 right after the iPad was announced. It is an excellent interview. The views on the publishing industry come later in the conversation so hang in there and listen to the entire podcast.

The podcast can be downloaded directly from The Reading Edge site here or by doing a search in iTunes.

All of Len Edgerly's podcasts are excellent and a must listen if your a kindle or e-book fan in general.

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