Friday, September 24, 2010

Principals or Cross the Line - Help Me Decide

Help! I have a dilemma. Oh it isn’t anything bad but I would like your opinion and help in deciding what I should do. There is an e-book I have wanted to read for awhile now but I have been sticking to my ‘I won’t purchase an e-book over $9.99’ principle. The book in question is ‘1812: The War of 1812‘ by Walter R. Borneman. The dilemma is this e-book is priced at $10.99. A dollar over what I vowed I would never pay. It is also important to know that the paperback at Amazon is selling for $10.87 so it is cheaper then the e-book, plus the book was originally published in 2004 so it it an older book.

I am very interested in the war of 1812. I have read several other books on the subject but understand that Mr. Borneman is considered a pretty good source on the subject. I have several other e-books to read (see my last post) so I am not desperate for something new to read. I had just saw that the e-book price had dropped for this particular e-book and for a dollar more I can either cross over the line I had drawn in the sand against the greedy e-book publishers or keep my buck and just read something already on my to read list. Perhaps I should just finish my fiction e-book ‘1812’ by David Nevin and just stick to my principals.

So help me decide. Stick to my principals or cross the line I have drawn in the virtual sand! Take my poll or leave me a comment and let me know!

Friday, September 17, 2010

E-books Waiting in the Wings for Me to Read

I am swimming in e-books to read. Now for me that isn’t a bad thing. I like to have several books waiting for me in the wings to dive into once finished with another. I also like to read several books at the time. 
Here is a list of the e-books I have purchased and are waiting for me to read over the next several months.

What are the books you have queued up to read?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Penguin Slaps ‘Giants’ with Horrendous E-book Price

The 'Agency Model’ pricing has hit again! Yesterday looking through the Apple iBook store I came across Ken Follett’s new release ‘Fall of Giants’ and noticed that good old Penguin Publishing / Dutton Adult has slapped a giant price of $19.99 for the e-book  release. Shocked that such a well known author’s most current book would be priced so outrageously I checked Amazon, and what do you know $19.99 too. Barnes and Noble also has the pre-release price set for $19.99. At Amazon the e-book price is actually more then the hardcover price ($19.40)! Borders is listing only the hardcover of the book with no pre-order for the e-book listed.

The Amazon forums, on the Kindle page, for the book is bursting with upset readers. Which I don’t blame them. It is such an over the top price for an e-book. The book comes in at 1008 standard print pages but still that shouldn’t warrant such a high e-book price.

The hardcover and e-book is scheduled for release on September 28th, 2010. At least we are getting a same date hardcover / e-book release date, but I for one will be skipping this book in both formats. Shame on you Penguin Publishing / Dutton Adult!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

iPhone App that Helps Me ‘Read More’

I wanted to take a moment and share this iPhone app I found called ‘Read More’ by Naval Labs. In short this app allows you to time how much you have read of a book and track it. The app is simple in design and easy to use, you simply enter in the name of the book you are reading and the author and add the number of pages in the book (yes you can add Kindle pages here as well) then hit the start reading button. When you have read as much as you can for that amount of read time you hit the stop reading button and it records how long you read and how long at your current rate it will take you to finish the book. Simple. I love this app. I use it all the time when I am reading now. Below is a sample of the reading log the app generated for me, and yes not all of them all e-books I have to admit...or were they?

I am not getting paid for talking about this app at all. I am just a user who likes it and wanted to share it with my readers. Here is the link to the app on the Apple iTunes store -