Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Penguin Slaps ‘Giants’ with Horrendous E-book Price

The 'Agency Model’ pricing has hit again! Yesterday looking through the Apple iBook store I came across Ken Follett’s new release ‘Fall of Giants’ and noticed that good old Penguin Publishing / Dutton Adult has slapped a giant price of $19.99 for the e-book  release. Shocked that such a well known author’s most current book would be priced so outrageously I checked Amazon, and what do you know $19.99 too. Barnes and Noble also has the pre-release price set for $19.99. At Amazon the e-book price is actually more then the hardcover price ($19.40)! Borders is listing only the hardcover of the book with no pre-order for the e-book listed.

The Amazon forums, on the Kindle page, for the book is bursting with upset readers. Which I don’t blame them. It is such an over the top price for an e-book. The book comes in at 1008 standard print pages but still that shouldn’t warrant such a high e-book price.

The hardcover and e-book is scheduled for release on September 28th, 2010. At least we are getting a same date hardcover / e-book release date, but I for one will be skipping this book in both formats. Shame on you Penguin Publishing / Dutton Adult!

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