Wednesday, November 17, 2010

iBooks Gift Cards - Don’t be Fooled!

I have been seeing in various stores Apple iBook gift cards (see the picture below). These cards look to be specific to the Apple iBook store but it needs to be noted that they are good for anything on iTunes; apps, music, videos, tv shows, and ibooks. You can still use regular iTunes gift cards and buy iBooks, as well as iTunes gift cards that you might get discounted from places like Costco, Sam’s Club, etc... (note - Costco has stopped selling the discounted iTunes gift cards, however some locations might still have a supply on hand).

Also be on the look out on Black Friday (Nov. 26th) here in the United States for many discounted iTunes Gift card offers. There is a pretty firm rumor going around that Best Buy will be discounting $50 dollar iTunes gift cards for $40 bucks! That is a 20% savings and can easily help take some of the sting of the higher e-book prices found in the Apple iBook store. As I hear about various deals I will pass them on here. Hope all have a great Thanksgiving!

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