Monday, August 30, 2010

5 E-books I Would Have Purchased if the Price Had Been Right

I have been pretty much sticking to my guns when it comes to purchasing any e-book  that is priced over $9.99. I almost pulled the trigger when it came to the Mary Roach e-book ‘Packing for Mars’ but luckily at the last minute Amazon priced the book properly.

Here is a list of 5 books I would have purchased, or will purchase, if the prices come down to a reasonable level.

  • ‘Dune - 40th Anniversary Edition’ - by Frank Herbert - this book is currently priced at $13.99. There have been many reports on the Amazon forums that this edition is still filled with spelling errors and missing sentences and paragraphs. At this price I will for sure stay away!
  • ‘The Shroud Codex’ - by Jerome R. Corsi -  this book has hung at the $12.99 price since its release. Sorry publishers, I don’t buy $12.99 e-books!
  • ‘Henry Clay - The Essential American’ - by David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler - I really want to read this book but I refuse to pay the Amazon set price of $16.50. This would be my next read if only the price came down.
  • ‘Black Hills: A Novel’ - by Dan Simmons - I enjoy reading any of Dan Simmons books. This one I have held out on not just because of the $12.99 price but when it was first released it was held back from being e-book released for a few months to maximize hardcover sales. I vowed not to purchase the book no matter what, just on principle. Publishers should realize there are a lot of other books people can read and even a readers loyalty to an author has its limits. Sorry Dan, hopefully your next release will be more e-book friendly.
  • ‘The Dark Design - Book 3 of the Riverworld Series’ - by Phillip Jose Farmer - I have read this series once and have been on my second go around but I REFUSE to pay $9.99 for a book written in the 70’s, be it a classic or not. OUTRAGEOUS!
What e-books are you not buying due to publisher greed?

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