Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amazon Spreads Sunshine On Ebook Readers

I am sure many have already heard about or seen Amazon's hot new 'Sunshine Deals' offer but if you haven't head over to Amazon quick, the offers end June 15th, 2011. There are some great deals, on some terrific e-books, with prices starting at .99 cents up to $2.99.

I have already picked up several deals that I had on my wish list. Below are some of the e-books I purchased. Most were originally priced at around $9.99.

I hope publishers take notice and realize that lower e-book prices can generate more sales and create good-will towards their e-book customers! Now if we could get some of those crazy $19.99 e-book prices to come down! Yes Penguin Publishing I am talking about you!


  1. Amazon UK recently had a spring spectacular with kindle books about £1-£2. It was amazing, I got loads of good reads!

  2. I love it when Amazon does these sweet deals! I am hoping to pick up a few more e-books before the June 15th deadline. It is good to know they offer these in the UK as well.

    Thanks for the comment!