Monday, October 11, 2010

Would George Washington Chop a Penguin?

Penguin Publishing strikes again! The diabolical high priced e-book publisher just released another high profile e-book at an outrageous price; ‘Washington: A Life’ by Ron Chernow, is currently priced at $19.99 on all major e-book retailers. Not sure what to say about this except I won’t be buying this e-book. I am not sure what Penguin Publishing is trying to prove to their customers by these outlandish e-book prices. In my case they have just driven a huge wedge between me and their product offerings including their non-e-book products.

I was also a little disheartened last week to see that the other high profile Penguin Publisher’s release “Fall of the Giant” by Ken Follett had made its way on several top ten e-book lists. However as of right now it has fallen from somewhere around the #7 top spot on Amazon’s Best Selling Kindle e-books to now #12. Over on the iBook Store Top Charts it is listed at #7. So even though I am disappointed in seeing author Follett’s e-book not reaching its true potential, I am at least glad to see that Penguin can’t crow about record sales for this miss priced tome. Overall I am shocked that people would purchase an e-book at the price of $19.99, especially if they could get the hardcover cheaper. But I guess to each their own. Anyone have any insight into Penguin Publishing’s madness?

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